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Mary Ann Kara, LE, CPE

Electrolysis for Men | AMK Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal in NJ
Electrolysis for all ages | AMK Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal in NJ
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Electrolysis is permanent hair removal | AMK Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal in NJ
Electrolysis is life changing | AMK Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal in NJ
Electrolysis | AMK Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal in NJ

Client Testimonials

Mary Ann's office gets an A+ rating in several categories:

First: Her technique is excellent in achieving permanent results rather quickly. A friend had recommended me to AMK Electrolysis since she was quite happy with Mary Ann's work.

Secondly, this office offers great flexibility with scheduling since I work in Princeton, NJ but reside in New York City, so time is an important issue for me.

Third: Reasonable rates. Since the rates in NYC are high, it's more cost effective and much easier to get treatments scheduled either during lunch or after work.

Fourth: The office decor is very appealing with an extremely comfortable treatment table (for my tired, aching back)!

I would highly recommend AMK Electrolysis to anyone looking for an electrologist that delivers the whole package!

-- Rose Ann Dixson - New York, NY

I started as a client of AMK Electrolysis in 2006 when I worked and commuted to Princeton, New Jersey. I was skeptical of permanent hair removal but wanted to give it a try. I had just found out about electrolysis and did some research on the internet looking at various technologies and their FDA approvals. I knew that electrolysis alone was the only permanent solution. Having narrowed my treatment choice, I had to settle on an electrologist. I began treatments and saw a few electrologists but did not have good experiences. I settled on AMK because right from the beginning the treatments were more gentle and noticed Mary Ann's attention to detail and dedication to her profession.

I started hair removal with AMK on small areas between my eyebrows since I had a monobrow and a few hairy spots on my back. After several treatments I realized I was seeing incremental improvements and decided on more ambitious plans: I wanted to completely remove all the hair from my back and chest. As a man from a Middle Eastern background, I had a decent amount of hair especially on my chest. I worked methodically with Mary Ann to remove it all...one hair at a time along with the regrowth, since it does take several treatments to destroy each hair. It was not easy or quick, but I knew what I wanted to do and I knew that Mary Ann could get me there. I settled on a regular schedule of treatments with Mary Ann; she was extremely patient, her treatments effective and she was as dedicated to getting good results as I was.

Frankly I was impressed to the point of being surprised by how well it all turned out. In the end I got real results: I was able to remove all the hair on my chest and back not just temporarily, but permanently. I can say permanently, because several years after the treatments I have maintained the results: a smooth chest and back, hairfree. Thank you Mary Ann for delivering real permanent results that I enjoy everyday!

-- Ibrahim Alvarez - Los Angeles, California

I am extremely pleased with AMK Electrolysis and Mary Ann Kara. I have been to a number of electrologists previously and had a range of bad experiences: some were ineffective, others extremely expensive and slow, and one caused terrible scabbing.

Mary Ann is a careful expert with whom I have finally seen results! Additionally, I can afford these treatments on my grad student budget. When I think about how my face used to look, and the time and emotional energy I used to spend worrying about it, I could not be happier to be going to AMK! I highly recommend it.

-- Katie S. - Princeton Grad Student

Electrolysis has been working well for me. I have been a client of Mary Ann Kara's now for about 6 months. Mary Ann also advised me to contact a specialist regarding PCOS; I took her advice and she was right!

I am now getting treatment for it and on the road to better health! My gynecologist never asked the right questions. Mary Ann did and I am truly grateful --my hair growth is improving and my PCOS is getting under control. Thanks Mary Ann!

-- Donna Danae - Pennington, NJ

After spending over $1,000 on laser hair treatments with unsatisfactory results, I turned to Mary Ann Kara. She permanently removed all of my unwanted facial hair using electrolysis, once and for all. She is honest, professional and an excellent technician.

-- Amanda Lois - Short Hills, NJ

In 1999, I started electrolysis treatments on my upper and lower legs with Mary Ann Kara. I was shaving everyday and making a mess of my skin. She set up weekly scheduled treatment sessions -- I stuck with the program, saw the progress with each session and ended up with permanent hair removal. I was so pleased with the results that I had additional treatments over the last few years including the bikini area, arms, chin, upper lip and eyebrows. I'm so happy that I took the time and invested in myself.

-- Anna Zedler - Princeton, NJ

Now that laser is available, many people wonder why they should consider electrolysis. I say for my facial hairs, why would someone want to remove all the hair from a certain area, (as performed by the laser) when it's only necessary to remove certain hairs. I feel this process has been used for many years with great results. Even now, it's the only permanent hair removal method that can be used around the eyes, including the eyebrows. While electrolysis has been proven safe for many years, the long-term effects of laser are still not known.

-- Rona Finklestein - East Windsor, NJ